Freshers to have compulsory consent classes next term

Just like at Oxford and Cambridge

Durham Students’ Union is set to hold compulsory consent classes at the beginning of next term for incoming freshers, we can exclusively reveal.

The Tab understands Durham will be following Cambridge and Oxford, as with other things, by forcing new students to attend consent workshops.

This is reportedly in the vein of the compulsory fire-safety and police talks, which are held during Freshers’ Week at every college.


Reclaim the night at Manchester

Apparently modelled on the It Happens Here campaign at Oxford the aim will to teach male and female students about what sexual consent truly is.

While the Union have yet to reveal any specifics about the classes, top sources confirmed plans are underway.

Perhaps fearing a negative reaction among students, as was the case in Cambridge, where other sexual consent campaign groups had their posters defaced by apparent “jokesters“.

The Tab awaits official union confirmation.