Best bums: The results 2015

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Durham went to the polls to decide who truly has the rear of the year: and we have the results.

Cheeky Reginald and Meredith clinched the top spot of the boys’ and girls’ best bums.

Dishy Reg scored 27.14 per cent of the lad’s vote while babe Meredith pulled in an impressive 39.97 per cent of the public’s support.

Meredith fought off tough competition for best bum from runner-up Ruth. Their parents will no doubt be very proud.

Reginald battled more arses only to decidedly beat Caspian and Timothy.

Here are your victors.

Reginald – Art History – Chad’s


Winner Reginald

Meredith – Reiki – Hatfield

Meredith storms the poll with almost 40%

Champ Meredith

Nearly 5000 of you cast your votes for the number one bum, and now the winners will be awarded with a riding crop and a feather slapper from Durham’s only sex shop, KinkyFlavours.

The runners-up and the winners will be compensated for the days spent perfecting squats in the gym.

Here are your runners-up.

Caspian and Timothy – BSc in Being Top Blokes – Hild Bede

the maddest new age scholars in the north

Ruth, Classical Sciences at Chad’s

Ruth greeting the day

Ruth greeting the day

And relive the other pert entries who didn’t make the cut.

Xavier – Equine Care – John Snow


William – Advanced Combat – Grey


Walter – Chainsaw Carpentry – Mary’s


Terence – Clinical Anthropology – Mildert


Tarquin – Land Economy – Castle


Nigel – Chemical Theology – Collingwood


Oscar – Advanced Theatre Studies – John’s


Patricia – Geology – Collingwood


Rufus – Cocktail Mixology – Hild Bede


Judith – Earth Sciences – Van Mildert


Hugo – Sports Psychology – Trevs


Arthur – English and Garden Studies – Hatfield


Alistair – Modern Palaeontology – Ustinov