Castle kills Azeem’s dreams: They WON’T livestream it tonight

They couldn’t sort out security in time

Castle College kill joys have stopped a live stream of Azeem’s Senior Flute Recital due to be held there tonight.

Loony staff and students united to prevent the greatest performance of flute music ever. First banning students not privileged enough to be part of the college, and now banning the event all together.



The event was set to be a social highlight, with Nando’s speculated as the official sponsor of the exclusive event.


Taking a vote last night the event was moved to a Castle-only evening and only a few hours before Azeem starts performing, the college banned the event.

In an email college Master David Held said: “University College regrets to announce the cancellation of the screening this evening in the Great Hall. The event was only arranged in the last 24 hours and it has not been possible to arrange the required security in time.”

Lydia Dawson, who organised the event, said “What a bunch of Steves.

“To the people of Castle: when your grandchildren look into your eyes and ask ‘Grandma where were you Azeem 2k15?’ you can proudly show them your First and pop a Werther’s Original in there tiny hand, and sigh happily knowing you revised that extra 90 minutes.”

It was expected to break the capacity of 200, with over 500 people planning on attending.

The official after-party will still be held at Fabio’s where they understand the concept of fun.