Durham’s Best Bums 2015: The Guys

Spot the testicle


We got masses of entries this year, so we decided to stick them all in for you to peruse.

Ladies – there’s still time for you to enter your exit – email a picture to [email protected].

Tarquin – Land Economy – Castle

For Tarquin’s bum, ‘just as much goes in as comes out’

Hugo – Sports Psychology – Trevs

Hugo has survived Klute sober on multiple occasions

Terence – Clinical Anthropology – Mildert

Terence likes long walks on the beach

Reginald – Art History – Chad’s

Reginald is a founding father of DU Handball club, despite not knowing the rules

Nigel – Chemical Theology – Collingwood

Nigel loves Klute

Arthur – English and Garden Studies – Hatfield

Arthur once got into a fight with a Guinea Pig and lost

Xavier – Equine Care – John Snow

Xavier once stole the Queen’s teaspoon

Rufus – Cocktail Mixology – Hild Bede

Rufus once was in the top thousand players wor​ldwide on Mario Kart Wii online

Oscar – Advanced Theatre Studies – John’s

Oscar lost his penis in a freak shark attack

William – Advanced Combat – Grey

‘Like when rearing the Wagyu Beef one buys in Waitrose, to keep this rump mean and lean, my housemates massage, corn-feed and play Chopin to it every evening’

Walter – Chainsaw Carpentry – Mary’s

Walter has a poster of himself on his bedroom wall

Alistair – Modern Palaeontology – Ustinov

Alistair was raised by butterflies

Caspian and Timothy – BSc in Being Top Blokes – Hild Bede

These two describe themselves as ‘the maddest new age scholars in the north’