Trevs athletes condemn ‘extreme’ punishments for enjoying formal

Panna cotta was thrown


Trevs rugby and football players have spoken out against “severe” disciplinary measures exacted against their teams.

The sportsmen face threats of relegation, the prospect of having to serve 200 hours of community service and a new emphasis on disciplinary action within teams.

Recent boozy antics at this year’s annual Trevelyan College Sportsman’s ball and Ultimate Societies night events have led to disastrous consequences for the two teams.

All Trevelyan athletes are set to be barred from the whole Sportsman’s ball in future years.

The saga began at the college’s yearly ultimate societies night, where a number of interesting challenges and tasks took place, involving performing skills, songs, and the acquisition of the most hair a team could find.

The football team faced discipline from the college following a controversial rap they performed during the DUCK event, which included unsavoury mentions of several college members.

Weeks later, the situation went from bad to worse for the Trevelyan teams, when, at the annual Sportsman’s Ball, bad behaviour earned the teams their new-found laddish reputation.

The night got very loose, with the teams pre-drinking from 5pm, consuming a large amount of their designated bottles of wine in the first 10 minutes of the meal, and reportedly stashing vodka bottles under the tables.

Food fights and reports of rowdy behaviour ensued, with sightings of vanilla panna cottas flying across the dining hall, and one unfortunate footballer receiving a cheese tart to the back of the head.

The catering staff evidently didn’t take too kindly to the mistreatment of their lovingly prepared food, and responding by asking the players to leave their tables and exit the event.

The sportsmen apparently did this willingly and without complaint.

Sources close to both rugby and football clubs have responded to the punishments they may have to face.

A rugby source said: “It seems to me like they have created extreme punishments for us all because of the actions of just a few people.

“Football have a lot more people to split the community service between and they were the main culprits and the majority didn’t do anything wrong”.

Although the threats of relegation for all teams have been suspended, Trevelyan rugby team valiantly committed to relegating themselves, rather than facing the prospect of forced relegation at the hands of the disciplinary figures of the college.

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Footballers meanwhile, also feel victimised.

One player said: “The food fight was literally on one of the four tables, yet we are all being punished”.

Another told us: “From speaking to second and third years, our Sportsman’s ball seemed pretty tame, so I think it is a bit unfair our year is being targeted.

“We can see how some people’s behaviour wasn’t the best, but it’s not fair to punish everyone so severely.”

Another said: “It was the best formal I’ve ever been to.”

The hours of community service will have to be completed before the first game of next season.

The rugby and football-playing fresh of 2015 will surely be delighted to get stuck in.