Shock poll reveals Durham finalists plan to vote Tory

With a middle-class reputation, Durham students have been identified as ‘true blue’


The Conservative Party have never really been too popular in the North-East of England – but Durham students don’t seem to be put off.

A whopping 45% of the 572 finalists surveyed state they intend to vote Conservative in the upcoming General Election. Perhaps unsurprising when you consider 40% of Durham students were privately educated.

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Durham, tied with LSE, was beaten by only Loughborough and Imperial College London for the dubious honour of having the most would-be Tory voters, according to the High Fliers survey.

While Durham students appear staunchly Conservative, the locals just as strongly support Labour.

With regards to political views there is clearly a divide between “town” and “gown”. Asides from a short blip in the 1930s, Labour has held Durham since 1922.

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Lib Dems are predicted to come second in Durham City on May 7th, but just 8% of Durham students will vote for them.

Durham is called a “marginal seat” by The Voter Power Index, where every vote is said to be worth 1.95 votes. The 2010 cost of securing votes was a staggering £75,000 or £1.65 per person (more than a pint in college).

The Labour Party is expected to take both the Durham and Stockton seats.

The Labour Party is expected to take both the Durham and Stockton seats.

Students at Queen’s Campus are slightly less divided with the local population on politics than those in Durham City. Stockton South is currently held by the Conservatives but Labour is predicted to snatch the seat back at the election.

The Conservative leanings of many Durham students is no surprise, but in this northern Cathedral city you might find yourself a lonely oasis of Blue.