The Sunday Times thinks Durham is beaut

It also thinks we’re really fit and and don’t wear much


The Sunday Times has named Durham as one of the 50 best cities to live in the UK, and it seems to think we’re pretty amazing.

The article refers to the city as a “tiny jewel” with an “astonishing quantity of pubs and cafés [packed] into its cobbled streets and alleyways”.

It also commends Durham “thriving live-music scene” (…?) and “barely clad, beautiful youth, impervious to the wild northern winds”. We assume that’s us (thanks).

‘Barely clad beautiful youths’

On top of this, it bigs up the university for being a “significant employer”, and PhD student Hannah Earnshaw for making it onto the shortlist for going to Mars, which is deemed by the feature as the only place which would be better to live in than Durham itself.

Go us.