Durham finalist running for UKIP in Tony Blair’s old seat

He’s also a dad

Primary Education finalist, John Leathley, will be running as a UKIP candidate in May’s General Election.

Running in the Labour-held seat of Sedgefield, John will be campaigning against wind farms and for increased accessibility of NHS services.

John Leathley, a 23-year-old father of one, said: “My team working on the campaign are all young people. They are of the same opinion as me, that if we want something from our lives we have to go and take it because no one will give you anything for free.

“The youth are finding out that I am one of them and I am fighting for every single young person’s future with a hope of giving them a better world to live in.”

He has a tough battle on his hands: the parliamentary seat of Sedgefield has remained Labour since 1935 and UKIP polled just under 1500 votes in 2010.

It was previously held by former Prime Minister Tony Blair from 1983 to 2007.