Nubile young coeds receive filthy email from Hatfield welfare

They’ve come up with a novelty way of relieving summative stress

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A red-faced welfare officer accidentally emailed a link to PornHub to her entire college.

VP for Welfare at Hatfield, Rachael Boyce, sent the weekly welfare update this morning to all undergraduates at the college.

She has reached the end of her term today as the exec handover is tonight.

But instead of talking about the usual issues such as housing, it contained a link to a PornHub video which no longer exists.

There was no explanation of the link or its contents, or how exactly it related to the welfare team’s remit.

Ironically, the link to the site – which contains choice phrases such as “huge tits and jugs” alongside links to videos – was included in the same email as information about International Women’s Day.

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The email sent to Hatfield JCR

The link was to a video that didn't exist, the teases

The link was to a video that didn’t exist, the teases

Although some might argue in a period of summative stress this was exactly what they needed to see, the material was clearly not meant to be sent out in the mass email.

An email, with the header “**IMPORTANT** WEEKLY WELFARE*” quickly followed with the excuse: “The password to this account has been unchanged for a number of years.”

There was no mention of who the porn crusader who carried out this prank was, although it appears likely it was a current or past exec member with access to the email account.

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The hastily sent out follow-up, just 14 minutes after the original email was sent, also included an apology as well as the comment “you (might) have noticed that it included an external link”.

Yes, we did notice. It was hard not to, really….