Durham have just appointed a man called Professor Snape

Not the one who killed Dumbledore

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Professor Snape has been appointed as the inaugural Michael Ramsey Canon Chair of Anglican Studies.


Professor Michael Snape, who will be teaching Theology at Durham

Currently Reader in Religion, War and Society at the University of Birmingham, Michael Snape is principally interested in the Lancashire parish of Whalley in the eighteenth century, eventually forming a monograph on the subject in 2003.

Unlike his famous counterpart, Durham’s Professor Snape has been interested in British chaplains developing Anglicanism in British India. A far cry from the dry potions lessons taught in Hogwarts.

He becomes the second Professor Snape at Durham. Professor Edward Snape works in the Management department.


Professor Severus Snape, who will not be teaching Theology at Durham

Durham University and the Cathedral were used as sets and inspiration for the Harry Potter movie franchise. The uni also offers the famous “Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion” module to second years.

Professor Snape was described by the character Harry Potter as the “bravest man I ever knew”.

Unsurprisingly Theology students will expect similar courage from their new lecturer when he takes up the position on 1st September 2015.