Aidan’s Fashion Show models revealed

All 160 tickets sold out in one sitting and they’ve got some of Durham’s finest walking the catwalk. This year’s Aidan’s fashion show is set to be bigger and better than ever


Aidan’s Fashion Show is one of the most hotly anticipated events on the Durham social

We chatted to this year’s event organiser Susan Ogonda, who is putting on one of the college’s most anticipated events of the year.

She said: “Our aim has been to transform Aidan’s fashion show from a small college event to one of the biggest nights of the social calendar. We’ve taken it out of our canteen and into the Slug and Lettuce, with live acts and added extras to set a precedent for years to come.”

This year’s “Virtues and Vices” theme plays host to some of Aidan’s finest, who will manifest the Seven Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues on the catwalk.

Susan said: “The audience will be transported to the punk era depicting wrath – so think all things leather and metallic, contrasted with patience through 1960’s bohemia, flower power and Woodstock.

“The night will also include belly dancers, Instep dance troupe, a live auction that includes a romantic French lesson with our Parisian model, a raffle offering free theatre tickets, and much more.”

What makes Aidan’s so special?

“It’s that we’ve made the leap from a small, self-sponsored college event, to a sold out show in just one year,” Susan said.

“We are so thankful to have the fantastic support of Nexus International and In Aid of Concern.

“I’m definitely most excited to see all our plans come to life! And the rigs, obviously.”

Then we met some of the models…

Pippa Leadley, second year

Pippa admits: “Comparing this year’s fashion show to last year is so hard, as they feel like completely different events. This year is a whole new level.

“I’m ‘most looking forward to the buzz around the event: it seems it’s all that anyone in college can talk about.

“The walk I am most looking forward to is actually the Diligence walk… so I can check out the boys looking foxy in their suits.”

Henry Popiolek, first year

A newcomer to the catwalk, heartthrob Henry Popiolek, tells us: “this year’s show seems incredibly well organised and very ambitious – I imagine there’ll be a pretty incredible atmosphere in a sold out venue.”

“I’m most looking forward to the ‘Lust’ walk, of course. I mean, who doesn’t want to be half-naked in front of a crowd of people?”

Katie Gardner, third year

Aidan’s renowned football captain Katie Gardner is swapping her studs for stilettos and most looking forward to the “evening wear walk as we’re all wearing amazing bespoke dresses”.

As well as this, the Cheshire beauty tells us she will be “choppin’ pints and choppin’ lads backstage”.

Ricky Goulding, second year

Smouldering Goulding says with confidence: “this year the fashion show will be bigger and better. It’s also at a location out of college with a bigger crowd and more entertainment. And you get to see me topless which is a definite bonus.

“The show which will be great fun, but I’m mostly looking forward to the female attention it will undoubtedly bring.

“On a serious note, I’m looking forward to the sports walk the most. Although now I definitely wish I’d hit the gym a bit more”.

Nicola Todd, second year

Nicola said: “This year the show has been really well organised’ and ‘it’s going to be ‘a roaring success. I’m happy to be involved in something that will hopefully make a lot of money for the worthy charity.

“I think the walk I’m most looking forward to is the charity walk, where we will only be wearing clothes from charity shops. This will be fun as we get the freedom to pick out our outfit ourselves and be a bit creative.”

Stay tuned for all the DL from the Aidan’s Fashion Show coming up in a few weeks.