Now Durham clubs will breathalyse you on entry

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Breathalysers are set to be introduced in some Durham bars.

The use of breathalysers at the door will first be piloted only be establishments which agree to it.

And, if you’re twice the drink drive limit, you may be refused entry andoffered help returning home.

The controversial measures will also affect local residents, despite the City Safety Group’s focus on student drinking.

Attempts to curb student drinking are not new however. A college source told The Tab how discussion at Josephine Butler College of “breathalysing freps” took place as early as the 2014 Freshers’ Week.

This could be you soon

This could be you soon

After recent deaths in the River Wear, police and other interested bodies such as the City Safety Group are concentrating on the issue of alcohol awareness.

Punters have been quick to draw attention to potential problems with the introduction of breathalysers.

Hatfield second year Charlie Capel said: “The issue with breathalysing people on the door is that students are simply going to be pushed away from the clubs to house parties that are not monitored by anyone who is sober.”


After the announcement of the plans yesterday, City Safety Group chair Terry Collins said: “I am sure this demonstrates the wide-range of actions which have been undertaken within just a few days, as well as the important of partnership working in tackling the complex issues which comprise city safety.”

“However, it is extremely important to bear in mind that the agencies and organisations involved can work together to implement a whole range of changes and improvements in city safety but none will replace the need for people to take responsibility for how much they drink.”

Requests for improved safety measures such as fencing of the river have been largely dismissed in a hardline focus on alcohol related causes.