Castle vote to keep ‘Senior Man’

Attempt to change ‘sexist’ job title fails

Castle JCR have elected to keep the title Senior Man as an executive position in an attempt to change what some see as a “sexist” job title.

The decision comes after the motion was brought to Hatfield JCR last year and was defeated by an overwhelming majority.

The motion, which fell 154 votes to 72, was submitted to the JCR after fears that the position might put women off applying for the role noting that in the past five years, only two of the 13 candidates for the position have been female.

University College first admitted women in 1987

Flic Burgess, a fourth year at the college, told the BBC that she saw the title as “exclusionary” and said it risked alienating “potential non-male candidates”, noting that only nine women have held the job since the college first admitted women in 1987, compared to 19 men.

One Castle second year told The Tab she saw the whole thing as “political correctness gone mad” and that she would not be deterred from applying by the title but rather the workload that comes with the job.

The decision  comes after fears the name of the role may alienate non-male candidates

A third year who voted for the motion said: “Why can’t we do what Chad’s did? Then we don’t alienate anyone”.

St Chad’s have voted to use the title Senior Woman if a female candidate was elected to the position.

The University have said that this vote is far from the final decision and that a “deliberative jury” will come to a conclusion in February “with representatives from across the students and staff”.