Get Involved: College Festival of Sport

Last chance to sign up – today! On 10th June Durham’s one and only inter-collegiate sports day returns.

We all know there’s nothing like a good bit of healthy competition to wave goodbye to exam season, and there’s no better opportunity to do so than with this year’s Festival of Sport on 10th June at Maiden Castle.

DUNC and DURFC will be getting involved.

For the athletes themselves, individual sports will be overseen, mostly, by their corresponding DU team, with big names such DURFC and Netball getting involved, along with more rogue options like Frisbee or 6-a-side cricket.

The rugby 7s competiton is being supported by the RFU, who’ll be providing balls and refs, as well as setting up a stall.

Aldi are also sponsoring the event with a silly number of goodie bags and the offer of some free careers advice on the side, just in case the terrifying inevitability of being faced with real world hasn’t hit some of you finalists yet.

All sponsored by Aldi.

The majority of sports and the athletics qualifiers, run professionally by DUAXC, will be going until about 3pm.  After that is when the sports day atmosphere should reach its peak, with the athletics finals being the centre of attention.

The winners of the other sports will be presented between events in the athletics finals, with the whole shebang ending by 5.

But it’s not just about the sport, as Purple Radio will be broadcasting live from the event all day, and there’ll be food and drinks vendors dotted around.

Purple Radio will be broadcasting live.

Entry will cost £1 for a wristband, and it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to booze in an atmosphere of fierce competition in preparation for Nova in the evening.

If that’s not enough for you, Bailey stash whores should listen up (Yes, I’m talking to you, DU Aerobics.)

Team Durham stash will be sold on the day for exceptionally low prices, as DU teams begin their transition over to PlayerLayer.

May as well stock up…

It’s your last chance to grab those hallmark ubiquitous trackies before they’re gone for good!

All profits from the event will go to Zambia Sport in Action, to which people are more than welcome to donate.

Contact your college sports officer today if you’d like to enter.