How fucked are you? Breakdown of module marks revealed

Worried about your exams? Find out if you should be or not…


Following a freedom of information request, the University has published a breakdown of every module, for every subject.

The breakdown shows the percentage of people who gained a first in their exams, and a 2:1, as well as publishing the average mark.

To view the breakdown, click here

The hardest courses we could (be bothered to) find – unlucky engineers

The results are quite amusing or terrifying depending on what subject you take. In some modules nobody succeeded in getting a first. In, what some students brand as “fake” subjects, such as Forensic Psychology, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Bioactive Chemistry 3 and Beginner’s Greek nobody succeeded in overcoming that 69.

However, in the Economics School, some modules saw 70% of people achieving a first, with an average mark of 75.

English and History has shown to be the most consistent of subjects, with most people achieving a mid 2:1.

It’s not that hard…every other history student seems to manage

The results have also sparked debate among students on whether they will affect module choices next year. A first year biologist has commented “It definitely will change my module choices. I want a first and if some modules have a higher first rate I will definitely choose them.”

However, others, such as a second year English student, has said “It definitely won’t change my module choices, I will succeed if I choose the modules I am most interested in.”

Have a look, how screwed are you?