More powder at Holi than a Collingwood toilet

The Oriental Museum celebrated the Hindu Holi festival yesterday as students threw coloured powder over one another.

The Oriental Museum celebrated the Hindu Holi Festival, or Festival of Colours, for the first time yesterday.

“Cheapest powder sesh I’ve had in a long time.”

Each guest was given free paint powder to be thrown in co-ordinated countdowns. The air became a brilliant array of pinks, blues, and yellows, making all those who didn’t attend green with envy.

This event was a downsized version of The Holi festival in London, which saw over 30,000 people attend last year.

Jordan Belfort’s attendance not confirmed.

One first year said “After seeing the pictures, it was a mistake that I missed it. I had no idea I could go for free just up the road when I’m paying £30 in London.”

In India and Nepal the Holi Festival becomes the one day a year where the caste system and gender inequalities are set aside and everyone becomes equal. The festival has now spread to over four continents, seeing a huge variety of world-renowned DJs catering the event.

“Great atmosphere!”

One attendee said “it was a great atmosphere, definitely looking forward to it next year!’

The event’s publicity was substandard considering the amount of fun it entailed. Next year is sure to see more students getting involved.

High on life.

The Oriental Museum is also offering Bhakti yoga and Indian dancing workshops in light of this Spring festival.