If you can’t pay the fine…

The Tab got some interesting information from our friends over at FOI showing just how much the library is reaping at the expense of your essay stress…

From 2004/5 to 2010/11, library fines averaged £167,571 per year, totalling £1,005,426 across the six-year period.

Since the beginning of 2010/11, Durham has made a further £470,577.33 in library fines.

A waste of a Johnny Woodgate.

At nearly half a million pounds in 3 and a half years, this is far more than the average salary. After the recent controversy surrounding fines and graduation, this news has left many students annoyed at the expense.

The fine rate of a £1 per day seems extortionate to one first year law student, who said “I’ve never taken a book out in my life and I’m still pissed off.”

However some students feel that the fining is fair. One English second year said “If the fine wasn’t as high as a £1 a day then people wouldn’t bother returning their books when they’re recalled, which makes essays difficult when everyone is doing the same topic.”

One fourth year said he tried to sneak a book back onto its shelf to avoid the fines, yet was unpleasantly surprised when they continued to grow despite being inside the library.

3 day loan: a fine waiting to happen.

However, fines have not increased since 2002. According to the university, the repeated opinion from student representatives is that fines should be increased to deter those who don’t return books and thus damage the education of other students.

Although in DUCK week £563.54 worth of fines went to charity, usually the money is spent on replacing missing books, services such as More Books and running 24/7.