DSU Elections: The Results

Votes are in, your DSU officers have been elected… we asked you what you thought about the whole thing.

The votes are in! Following the campaigning of 12 candidates, Durham now has five new (bar the now very experienced Slavin) officers who will be running the Student Union.

The students will be paid to work full time to lead the Union, trying to represent the students and all of their wishes.


Dan Slavin

Slavin has represented Durham for the past year and with no surprise he won against RON. After a year as JCR president and a year as DSU president, there is no doubt he has the experience…

There seems to be no stopping the president who is now in his second term, students are now questioning, ‘will Durham be subjected to 12 years a Slavin?’

One more year, one more year, one more year

Academic Officer:

Leigh Spanner

The new planner is Spanner as she nailed her campaign. She’s also getting other things right apparently as one first year Sociology student joked, is the only one ” I would hammer.” Nice. Durham is looking forward to her ideas on exam feedback and improving student – union communications.

She’s no tool

Activities Officer:

Joely Charlton

Charlton promises more parties, a how to party planning guide, and a new website. As one second year English student put it “Dull-ham no more!” Apparently Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (plus any odd Klute night you choose to add in) just aren’t enough.

Party Animal

Community Officer:

Laura Carter

Durham got smarter, and voted Carter. Carter is bursting with experience from Hild Bede welfare officer to Hild Bede Exec to Camp America officer. Hopefully, she will improve the flawed ‘Take Your Time to Sign’ campaign.

Not quite a celebrity yet, mate

Development Officer:

Harry Inman

Durham will be rejoicing that Inman will no longer be barricading the doors to the Bill Bryson. When asked for a quote, one student commented “Inman? Isn’t that a night at Powerhouse in Newcastle?” This doesn’t reflect on Inman’s campaign, but on how little the some of the students know about the elections. One other student said, “Inman once developed me after a night in the shack” followed by a cringey wink… The Tab isn’t even sure what that means.

Hopefully Durham will benefit from his ideas on student leadership and accessibility.

Let’s hope we can trust in him…

Until next year . . .