DSU Elections: The Voting Guide

Don’t know your Slavin from your Spanner? Never fear, The Tab has put together a guide to the election’s finest. . .

Dan Slavin:

Running for: President

Who wouldn’t be a slave for Slavin?

For the past year Slavin has been slaving away at the DSU to try and keep Durham students happy. So far he has been successful in his goals to increase active engagement in the democracy of the union and get the students more involved with it.

His ideas this year seem lacking though, with a questionable one way system on Church Street. One fourth year said “What is he thinking? We’re not in Primary school.”

At least he promises to improve the union building – hopefully he’ll start from the outside. . .

Leigh Spanner:

Running for: Academic Affairs Officer

One tough cookie.

This “tough cookie,” as she describes herself, is less experienced than her rival Elizabeth Evans, but her upbeat and entertaining statement is refreshing and stands out.

Her ideas on exam feedback are also expected to put her in the lead, as lets face it, it will be welcomed come June.

Andrew Lloyd:

Running for: Activities Officer

No relation to the musical genius.

Although unable to provide queue jump at Lloyd’s, he seems to be able to do just about everything else.

With a short, concise manifesto he made it clear that he has been involved in nearly every Durham society, from helping out the feminists to playing it up with the Poker Society.

One Grey second year said “I never knew societies were mute.”

Harry Inman

Running for: Development Officer

Innit to Winnit

The Buzzlightyearesque tees may have been taking over the entrance to Bill Bryson this week, but Inman was less able to cause distraction in Collingwood as one student said that, “he did this shout out thing in the dining hall and no one went quiet and it was really embarrassing.”

However, his manifesto has some forward ideas on student opportunity and leadership, and his video is more than entertaining, suggesting some students he has “developed”.


A full list of the Candidates and their Manifestos can be found here and voting Closes today

Even with candidates like these, at least we know there is always Ron…