RESULTS: Best College Chant

SERENA GOSLING has the results of the biggest competition since the last one on the Tab.

After a very tense battle which saw some of Durham’s greatest poets on the front line and 500 of you voting, we can announce that the somewhat cryptic chant ‘Collingwood is Wonderful’ beat Jo Bo’s gallant effort ‘Shit on Our Own’ in a nail-biting finish.

When we say ‘nail-biting’…

We had a late entry from John’s describing the rather explicit life of one of their members, and it would seem that people hate Hatfield more than Castle love themselves, with some even prepared to move to Stockton before they were caught dead in the Lion’s Mouth.  However, Collingwood wiped the floor with these entries to take home the prestigious title of ‘Best College Chant’, using a mere 4 more words than their closest competitor, a great achievement.

Too little too late

Despite the obvious creative merit of the chant, whether the content is valid or not remains a statement in need of verification. Their bar is big and no doubt known for its bountiful supply of beer, and you only need to walk into the turning circle before you see a thick-set, muscular rugby lad…but the quality of the girls’ racks is in need of some empirical evidence. Any research volunteers?

Further research will follow