Wear what you like no one gives a shit

Flo’s back and whether she’s going out, staying in or having a thrift shop party she doesn’t give two shits as to what she wears – and neither should you.

Recently I went to a “thrift shop” party. For those of you not popular enough to have been invited to one of these, I will explain. You get given a partner and a budget and must buy an outfit for your partner to wear. It’s quite fun.

Thrift shop party; little effort, maximum results

I was given a typical granny dress, long dull and shapeless. I loved it. It was so freeing not to have to hold in my vodka belly while busting my moves on the Klute dance floor, so comfy. I assumed that wearing a tent would also mean it would be an action free night; more about throwing shapes and downing quaddies than flirting with second years.

However, suitors approached me just the same! Normally I go out in leggings and not much else, or one of those body-con numbers. I thought this was key. But apparently guys dig the granny look.

Actually I don’t think this is the case.

In the past various Tabs have tried to advise fashionistas looking to please the opposite sex https://thetab.com/uk/bristol/2013/12/01/what-a-boy-wants/. But I don’t think this matters. I felt confident in what I was wearing, mainly because my friends surrounding me looked equally out of place, I think this is the key.

Who cares if you go out looking like it’s halloween

A smile and a carefree attitude are the only accessories you need for your night in Studio. I also recommend sturdy shoes as once someone stepped on my toe in Studio and I cried and went home.

I haven’t repeated the granny look, and have gone back to my normal Klute attire. Why? Because I dress up so I think I look hot. I wear make-up because I think I look hot. I love getting ready, sometimes it’s my favourite part in the night, this is why it pisses me off when guys say they prefer a girl with less/more make-up/pubes and girls the same when they critique men’s clothing/bodily choices. As long as you feel good, it doesn’t matter babes.

The only thing you need on a night out is confidence

Obviously I’m a hypocrite. I detest men’s shorts that go below the knee. And guys who shave their balls freak me out, but you know what I like, a man who is comfortable in his own skin, and if he needs to shave his balls to do that, well good on him.

In most places there are limits, people might look at you weird if you go out in your pyjamas, and deodorant is always a plus. But in Durham I reckon you can get away with almost anything, onesies don’t even bat an eyelid, more likely to produce a sigh at another unimaginative effort at fancy dress.

Rock the sexy red velvet look? You won’t look out of place in Klute

It’s not about getting it right for others it’s about getting it right for yourself. Others will notice your exuding confidence and come flocking. So go forth and wear what you like, no one will give a shit.