We’re saved! New Durham Bishop Confirmed

A 57-year-old father of four is to become the 74th Bishop of Durham.

The new Bishop of Durham has been confirmed by election service to be Right Reverend Paul Butler, the previous Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham.

“I’m loving angels instead.”

This follows after more than seven months without a diocesan bishop since his predecessor, Archbishop Welby, was asked to lead the Church of England.

Welby had only held the post for a year before his promotion.

Welby be well pleased.

Bishop Paul was announced as the next Bishop of Durham on September 12th last year, but has only now had his selection confirmed in York on 20th January.

The service was carried out by Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York at York Minster.

The confirmation marks Bishop Paul’s entry into the House of Lords as a Lord Spiritual alongside the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and the Bishops of London and Winchester.

Shot from below of the Bishops of York and Durham. Photographer knows how to flatter.

Speaking at the time, he said he planned to “get out and about meeting people on the ground” and would focus on poverty and unemployment as well as engagement with young people. The Bishop is said to be both excited and daunted by the prospects of his new job.

However, he will not start his public ministry in Durham until he has taken an oath acknowledging the Queen as Sovereign and Supreme Governor of the Church of England. This will take place on the 22nd February.