PREVIEW: Guys and Dolls

‘Guys and Dolls’, this year’s Gala Show, is an explosion of 1950s New York, complete with gangsters, sexy hotbox dancers and even a love story or two. Ahead of the biggest show of the year, the Tab gets the low-down from Michael Forde and Soph McQuillan, playing two of the leads, Sky Masterson and Adelaide respectively.

The Tab: So guys firstly, the question that’s on everyone’s lips, does this show have raw sex appeal?

Michael Forde: The show is sex appeal.

Soph McQuillan: I mean, Michael Forde is the main part. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s kind of a big deal.

MF: We have the hotbox girls, I mean, the clues in the name, ‘hot’. We’ve also got the sexy ‘Havana’ scene which has a saucy latino vibe, and there’s something a bit sexy in the ‘danger’ of the gangsters too.

‘Hot’ box girls

Tab: I’ll take your word for it. In the show, some characters change a lot for love. How far would you guys change for the person you loved?

SM: For Michael Forde, I’d do anything.

MF: I would change my sex to be with you, but only if you’d change your sex to be with me.

SM: Would that make me the big deal Michael Forde?

MF: We would literally change gender and switch identities for each other.

SM: I’d have to learn his Northern Irish accent!


Tab: That’s commitment. What’s the best number in the show?

MF: I think ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’.

SM: And neither of us are in it!

MF: Simon Lynch kills the riff.

SM: He makes it really gangster.

MF: No, put ‘soulful’.

Soulful Simon, in action last year

Tab: Who’s the hottest girl in the cast?

SM: Well, we all know you were going to say me, Michael.

MF: They are all are beautiful in their own way.

SM: The hotbox girls are super limber and sexy, but then the missionaries have a something…motherly.

Tab: A maternal appeal?

SM: Exactly.

MF: Sometimes you see someone on the dance floor and think, that’s sexy. But sometimes you see someone spill a drink and clean it up and you think, she’s a keeper.

Tab: And hottest guy in the cast?

SM: Big CK. (Callum Kenny, playing Nathan Detroit)

MF: You sure?

SM: I’m just saying, if you get the opportunity, give his bum a good squeeze.

MF: Good bum?

SM: They’re all a bit bad boy though, there aren’t really any sweet guys unless you go for the sweet old guy, Arvide (played by Dan Gosselin).

Callum ‘good bum’ Kenny

Tab: Bad guys and old men, got it. Now, there’s a lot of gambling in the show, do you guys have any advice on gambling?

SM: Don’t do it, I don’t like it. Crucial words from my mother

MF: Quit while you’re ahead.

SM: All on red.

MF: Don’t talk crap while you’re playing craps.

Tab: What have you learnt from being in ‘Guys and Dolls’?

SM: What a big deal Michael Forde is. When you’re in the presence of something that great, it really teaches you the humility to learn.

MF: I’ve learnt how to lip-sync for the promo video, ‘Happy’.

SM: Vital skill, there.

MF: I’ve also learnt some songs from the actual show.

SM: And some lines, occasionally.

MF: I have learnt three things: a few songs, a few routines and lines. For me, in a nutshell, that is a show. If you can put those 3 things together, you’re going to be okay.

The female leads doing some acting

Tab: Okay, quick fire to finish. Guys or dolls?

MF: Guys

SM: Dolls

Tab: Hotbox dancer or mission girl?

MF: Hotbox.

SM: But there’s something a bit mangey about them. They’ve probably had a lot of sex.

Tab: Luck or Lady?

SM: Lady!

MF: Luck, because if you get lucky you get the lady anyway.

‘Guys and Dolls’ will be performed at the Gala Theatre from January 21st to 25th. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy of  Rose Innes