9 Dogs That Look Like Students

Tired of being pigeon-holed as a student? Well don’t worry. Here’s a load of hounds who match student stereotypes too.


Who doesn’t love a good animal picture? Here at The Tab, we’re particularly fond of dogs. We’re also pretty keen on observing student stereotypes. Think it’s impossible to combine the two? Think again.

The Stoner

Leader of The Blazin' Squad

Pug Life

Characteristics: With an endless playlist of YouTube videos to keep them entertained, these students rarely emerge from their smoke-filled rooms. Usually very docile, welcoming and friendly. Just like this absolutely baked pug.

Catchphrase: “Wanna Get High?”

 The Hard Worker

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Characteristics: When this little guy’s not peeing up against lampposts, he’s in the library chasing the dream of a first. Let’s face it, you wish you were as motivated as him.

Catchphrase: “I’ve done ten hours of revision today, how much have you done?”

The Alcoholic

Never again…

Characteristics: Often found in the pub or in bed wishing for their hangover to go away, these students blow most of their student loan on booze.

Catchphrase: “I’m never drinking again!”

The Hipster

Stripes are the new craze

Characteristics: (Questionably) cooler clothes than you, cooler music tastes than you and cooler weekend plans than you. Can be found in the alternative coffee shops, seeking out new threads in the vintage shops or browsing for a new vinyl in the record shop.

Catchphrase: “I’m not a hipster, man”

The Rah

Are we going for a walk yah?

Characteristics: Barbour jackets, boat shoes, coloured chinos and hunter wellies. This guy’s only sporting one of them, but you get the drift.

Catchphrase: “On my gap yah”

 The Musician

Do I look indie enough?

Characteristics: Always in a leather jacket and Chelsea boots, this student carries a guitar everywhere, constantly humming or turning the contents of their bag into a drum kit. A lack of hands means this pooch would struggle to play his guitar, but he’d probably give it a good chewing at least.

Catchphrase: “Want to come to a gig?”

The Layabout

Just chillin’

Characteristics: Always on the sofa watching TV or eating crisps, these students can be useful in quizzes due to their intimate knowledge of obscure daytime TV shows.

Catchphrase: “Alright mate can you get me a drink?”

The Hippie

Dog Marley

Characteristics: Dreadlocks. Vegan. Environmentalist.

Catchphrase: “Peace out dude”

The Fresher

So cute

Characteristics: Fresh faced, eager, actually make it to their 9ams and somehow always look innocent and a little bit lost. Often try to act like the big dogs on campus, but are usually put in their place by older members of the uni pack who know how easy first year is.

Catchphrase: “So I only need to get 40%?”