Player of the week: Charlie Willans

This week’s player of the week is HBRFC player Charlie Willans, not just gifted on the rugby pitch he could also be seen strutting his stuff on the catwalk at the Hild Bede fashion show

1st_Half_HillBailey 0024

Name: Charlie Willans

Age: 21

Hometown: Petersfield, Hampshire

Sport: Rugby

College: Hild Bede

Degree: Chemistry and Philosophy

Best memory with HBRFC?: Remaining unbeaten in my 1st year, beating Cuths in the floodlit cup final

Biggest crush in Hild Bede?: You know who you are

Greatest achievement in rugby?: Playing alongside the mighty Toby Mackean

Is college rugby better than uni rugby?: Do the 4’s fancy a match?

Funniest moment on a HBRFC social?: Would never have thought a player could be dressed as a woman, be apprehended and still pick up a girl with the allure of a KFC bargain bucket all in the same night

Top on your Durham bucket list?: For 28 Old Elvet to take on the infamous Assassin Society of Durham