Durham’s Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Working your wardrobe to survive the northern winter

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With less than two weeks left until the end of term, deadlines looming and still no real snow – we’ve compiled a list of Durham Winter Fashion Essentials to see you through until home time.

The Parka

Unless mumps has left you housebound all term, you might have noticed that every second coat involves a fur hood, a long length, khaki or black and some major warmth. You won’t be a trend setter but you will be warm. Priorities…

Find a bargain in: Topshop or a vintage shop


Furry goodness

The Barbour

If the temperature doesn’t fall below freezing and looking like an eskimo isn’t your thing, then a fitted and more traditional Barbour jacket is your go to choice for winter. It may not have the warmth of a parka but it’ll definitely is a better match for your tartan scarf.

Find a bargain in: a hand-me-down from the shooting shed.



Full-on Fur

When the Barbour jacket needs some accessorising or your looking for both style and warmth this winter then fur is a must.

Find a bargain in: nowhere. Not a cheap choice.


Definitely not a vegan.


We might be in the North but we don’t live on a farm – Hunters are not for everyday wear. People may laugh, but when the snow starts to fall or Elvet decides to flood they will be the only way to go to your 9am seminar, and you’ll have the last laugh.

Find a bargain in: one of the many rip-off brands.



Christmas Jumper

Whether it’s Topshop’s latest range or knitted by your grandma, the authenticity of the jumper is irrelevant. Just remember, the more garish, the better.

Find a bargain in: ASOS Marketplace.

christmas jumper2

Fair isle print continues to be popular, but novelty will always be a great shout


If the Barbour jacket isn’t fending off the frost bite and you don’t really care anymore, then throw on your stash. It probably doesn’t really fit or flatter you, so layer on up. Our trusty little fresher here can wear all 23 items at once and doesn’t she look cosy.

Find a bargain by: shagging your coach or rifling through the lost property.


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