Durham student is new Internet sensation

Cuth’s student’s Miley Cyrus a capella medley takes YouTube by storm

Just when you thought the Miley Cyrus craze couldn’t get any bigger, Durham’s Zoe Robinson thought she’d add to it with an A Capella medley of Miley’s biggest songs.

Since uploading her video 2 days ago, the Cuth’s second year received over 8,000 hits in just under 48 hours and counting.  Zoe, a music student, has also been featured on the NME website and wetpaint.com


The video uses reworked lyrics to the tunes of Cyrus’s songs featuring entertaining lines such as “I had an affair with a giant bear” and “I think this hammer is my only food”


The Tab caught up with Zoe to find out more:

Tab: What got you started making A Capella videos?

 Zoe: I became interested in arranging for choirs at school, so in the summer after A-Levels I wrote some arrangements. My first one was Mumford & Sons – The Cave…I didn’t have a choir to sing it, so I just recorded it myself to hear what it sounded like, and then decided I’d film it too, and it just went from there!

Tab: Why did you choose to do Miley Cyrus?

Zoe: Mainly because she’s so talked about at the moment, and there are so many ways that her life can be parodied. When I was younger I was also a massive superfan, so I knew an unhealthy amount about her life.

Tab: What’s it like having all these hits?

Zoe: Haha! I really don’t feel like it’s that big yet! But it’s really exciting, especially having NME feature it.

Tab: Anything else in the pipeline?

Zoe: You’ll have to wait and see! It might be something Christmas related. Probably some sort of Scrooge Christmas Medley!

You can watch Zoe’s video ‘Evolution of Miley Cyrus’ below: