Player Profile: Calin Paar

Ambitious American Calin Parr picks up our Player of the Week award this week as DULTC’s shining light, but he’s not too impressed with the talent off the pitch.


Name: Calin Paar

Age: 25

Hometown: Munich, Germany

Sport: Tennis

College: St. Aidans

Degree: MSc Management (International Business)

Playing Experience: Started playing when I was five, played a bunch of junior tournaments and then college tennis for four years in the States.

Greatest Achievement in the Sport: German National Champion, represented Germany in the Junior World Cup.

Main Differences between tennis in Germany and England: The surface. In Germany we tend to play on a slower clay court while in England we play on a fast carpet.

General Thoughts on Durham: All in all, I am having a good experience so far. Durham seems to be a very good academic school that allows athletes like us to combine sports and academics on a high level.

English girls?: … have room for improvement…

Top things on your Durham bucket list?: go out in Newcastle, go to a Sunderland-Newcastle Soccer match and win the National Championship with the tennis team.

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