Player of the week: Gabriella Flibotte

Player of the Week: Alex Aljoe catches up with International superstar Gabriel Flibotte.


Name: Gabriella Flibotte

Age: 22

Hometown: Boston, Mass

Sport: Lacrosse

College: Hild Bede

Degree: International Business

Playing Experience: I have been playing lacrosse for over 10 years and 4 years Division I Lacrosse for Northwestern University.

Greatest Achievement in the Sport: Wining 2 division I National Championships back to back  (2011-2012). Being an NCAA All-American my senior year.

Biggest Differences between English and American lacrosse: Instead of Middy C’s I’m working with some high socks. Instead of protecting your face with goggles like normal people would, you’re meant to sacrifice the body. Instead of long island accents I feel like I’m playing with the characters from Love Actually.

General Thoughts on Durham: Durham is a crazy college town. American universities should take some notes…

Main things you want to do while in Durham: Meet Johnny Woodgate.