NOVA Girl reveals all

The Tab managed to track down the illusive Nova Girl for an exclusive interview in the run up to what promises to be one of Durham’s biggest nights this year as NOVA brings BONDAX to town and takes the step up to Academy on 1st June.

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We all know her pretty intimately. But all we really know about her is that she appears, the eve of every Nova, parties hard and loves to get naked. Until now…

In a dark room sitting on crossed legs, face hidden from view, The Tab got talking.

Tab: How did you get involved with NOVA?

NOVA Girl: I was stumbling back from Klute one night in a sorry state, mascara running down my cheeks, desperately searching for my dignity. Then I heard a noise… an angelic sound of pulsating bass. I too began to pulsate. That was Nova. The rest is history.

Just loves to party

Tab: Wow, that’s quite a story. What do you think about being labelled the queen of ‘edge’?

NG: I think it says more about the insularity of the people who label something ‘edgy’ because it slightly diverges from the norm. The only thing that gets me wet is the music, not the image. I just love to party.

Tab: Clearly. Music then; what’s getting you the ‘wettest’ at the moment?

NG: Janet Jackson – ‘Call On Me’ (Disclosure Bootleg)… dripping.

Tab: Not BONDAX?

NG: How rude of me. Bondax – ‘All Inside’ … very nice.

Student made visuals will feature alongside BONDAX at NOVA tonight.

Tab: So what can you tell us about Bondax?

NG: These two guys met at school and have been producing music together for a few years now. Their sets are full of fun party music that will get everybody dancing but best of all they’re young – just how I like it. Better, there’s two of them – quantity and quality.

Quantity and quality.

Tab: Exciting stuff! As a parting shot then, got anything else inviting to tease us with?

NG:  Well apart from me getting down and dirty to some heavy bass music and uplifting melodies, there will also be some pretty insane ‘student made’ visuals up on the big screen, that will get your eyes popping and mind spinning.