TabLove: The Bill Bryson Library Love Song

Exams have set in. Thought your love life was over? Think again. Lucy Baker’s singing for love in the library and she’s got Five TabLove stars all over again!

exclusive video


At the start of term the Tab brought you news of a musical mistress by the name of Lucy Baker, who you probably know by her street name – the Klute song girl.

Well, she’s back and this time she’s singing about her second favourite place in the whole wide world of the Durham ‘bubble’ – the library. The video, which was posted on YouTube late last night has already received over 600 likes on the ‘Spotted: Durham University Library’ Facebook page.

Lucy in her John Mayer cover, ‘Who says I can’t get smashed’?

We caught the voice of library lovers throughout Durham for an interview in the early hours of this morning:

Tab: Hello again! Let’s start with the obvious question – what inspired you to write the song?

Lucy: Hi! Nothing romantic I’m afraid, it was the ‘Spotted in Durham Library’ site, ridden with sexual frustration. If we’re being honest it’s just a dirty pent up version of

Tab: No-one in particular then?

Lucy: (laughs) Oh there are a few, always good to keep your options open.

Tab: Favourite library chat up line?

Lucy: “You’re like my favorite library book… I’m constantly checking you out.” It’s a classic.

Tab: A classic indeed. You’re becoming a bit of a Durham sensation, somewhere between Bill Bailey and Billy Joel – getting recognised out on the streets yet?

Lucy: (blushing laugh) That’s extremely flattering. I’m not quite at the body guard and dark shades stage yet!

They’ve got the right idea.

Tab: Already planning the next song?

Lucy: I’ve got a few ideas in the pipe line, but that’s for me to know and you to wonder.

Tab: No hints at all for your biggest fans here at the Tab?

Lucy: Not even for you lot. I love a bit of suspense.

Tab: Quelle domage. So with library goers having heard the tune, do you hope the song will inspire them to find true love?

Lucy: Absolutely, or if not love, maybe just a cheeky snog behind the shelves.

Wonder what Bill thinks of this.

Tab: D’you practice what you preach? Been applying your recipe for library love yourself?

Lucy: I won’t go into details but many a trip to the water machine has been made… revision is thirsty work.

Tab: Do you think of your songs more as comedy, or more as music?

Lucy: Well, I’d hope they might amuse the odd person who knows they also have been perving…so I’d say comedy on this occasion!

Tab: Love the harmonies, how long was the song in the works?

Lucy: It’s been an intense couple of days of procrastination, spawned from far too many lonely library hours.

The way to Lucy’s heart. A little bit of sweetness.

Tab: Any advice for potential suitors who are on the look out for you in the library, how can they stand out from the crowd?

Lucy: Chocolates would be massively appreciated… or a hot beverage courtesy of ‘yum’ – that’s a way to a student’s heart.

Tab: You’ve brought a whole new type of productive procrastination into play, would you agree with the philosophy – make love, not notes?

Lucy: Well I certainly know which I’d prefer to do… but if we’re being sensible, perhaps the latter is more appropriate.

Tab: Wise words.

There you have it, sound advice from the Laburnam lass. Here’s her tune.