Tab Exclusive: £400,000 ransom for Klute

An undercover investigation reveals that Klute owners PBR are looking for £400,000 for the beloved Durham club – that’s 80,000 quaddies!


As the Tab reported on Thursday Klute has been put up for sale!

Earlier today, The Tab’s undercover reporter contacted the estate agents representing the owners and posed as a buyer.

As a result, The Tab can exclusively reveal that owner’s PBR are hoping to sell Klute for a whopping £400,000 – that’s 80,000 quaddies.

After a £60,000 makeover and given the properties prime location on the river, the owners are clearly keen to get plenty of cash to replenish their coffers.

But estate agent, Ross Bettbridge also revealed to The Tab that all ‘speaker systems’ and ‘valuable equipment’ will be removed from the property before sale.

Another worrying sign that when a buyer is found, Klute’s future won’t be looking bright.