Palatinate faces a ‘Conundurham’

Have Palatinate got a new rival? Durham’s satirical new paper proves a raging success.

There’s a new paper in town.

Yesterday 2,000 copies of Durham’s new student paper were distributed in the library, providing the perfect distraction for anyone still slaving away over those final summatives.

Firstly, there were scenes of confusion as purple was replaced with blue, and students questioned what this Palatinate alternative could be.

But the debut spoof, lead by an anonymous student team, went down a treat.

Readers have described the new paper as ‘pure genius’ and those familiar with the famous satirical publication Private Eye will find this new boy’s style right up their street.

‘It’s far better than Palatinate’, said one student. ‘Conundurham came as welcome procrastination from summatives. It was obviously very carefully thought out.’

Even the Editor of Palatinate is reportedly a fan, despite the new paper coming out just a day before Palatinate’s 750th celebratory edition – salt to the wound.

So which would you rather read, Conundurham or Palatinate? Have your say and vote now.