Introducing: Durham Desserts

Ever wondered how they do it? Read The Tab’s exclusive interview with Durham’s latest delivery service.

Ever wondered how they do it? Read The Tab’s exclusive interview with Durham’s latest delivery service.

Imagine having your favourite homemade treats delivered direct to your door… New local business Durham Desserts offers just that, and all it takes it just a phone call or text.

What gave you the idea to start up Durham Desserts?

Our cook (and co-founder) is extremely passionate about cooking and does not believe in shortcuts when making treats. Friends would try her homemade desserts, and along with praise they would contemplate over a possible source of getting desserts of that quality.

After turning our heads a little we have discovered a brilliant idea of conjoining our passion of homemade natural food with an exciting business opportunity. Now we present these homemade sweets to our fellow-students’ doorsteps and make their difficult study evenings brighter and parties sweeter.

How many of you are there?

We started as a two-person operation, which has been really hectic. So we are looking for people with a passion for cooking or who can help with delivery.

Where are you based?

Our kitchen is based just outside the centre of Durham so we can serve students promptly.

How successful has Durham Desserts been?

The past month has been hectic, though very rewarding. We have managed to learn a lot about different parts of the business, cater private and corporate customers, perfect our recipes and enjoy the attention from repeat customers.

You offer delivery until midnight each night – do you not miss your sleep?!

Before we started Durham Desserts the cook was frequently up late experimenting with different recipes. A work/life balance is important but we find satisfying customers hugely rewarding and the busiest nights are always the happiest.

What is your most popular dessert?

Durham students seem to enjoy our Oreo cheesecake most.

What have you got coming up in the next few weeks?

Every week we have a different special, so keep an eye on our Facebook page to keep updated.

How do you ensure that you match supply and demand of desserts whilst keeping the food fresh?

We obviously do not like to waste food or even worse have a shortage of deserts! We can adapt to changes in demand quickly because we make our desserts fresh.

In what way do you predict how many and what people will order each night?

Interestingly the amount of orders largely depend on if there are essay deadlines looming and with big events.

Durham Desserts deliver every night from 6-12pm. Just choose from the mouth-watering menu and call or text 07927 172699!