All Shaken Up

It’s the craze that’s taken Durham by storm – Vote for your favourite Harlem Shake video now!

It’s the meme that’s taken Durham by storm – Vote for your favourite Harlem Shake video now!

It all starts with a weirdly dressed dancer at say, a college party.

And then the beat drops, and the shot flicks, and everyone in the room begins twitching. The crazier the better…

The term Harlem Shake originates from boxing, where a fighter gets knocked out so hard that they twitch on the floor. But more recently the Harlem Shake has been turned into a new kind of flash mob and internet sensation.

And students across Durham appear to have cottoned on…

After seeing clips on YouTube, HILD BEDE freshers Hamish, Harvey, Charlie, Max, Will, Tom and James decided to film their own after formal.

“Lots of them are done by about 6 or 7 guys in a small room so we thought we could pretty much do the same in one our rooms in college,” said Harvey.

“We had a formal on Tuesday and we were all sitting on the same table, so we thought, why not let’s do a black-tie Harlem Shake? We were all (just a little bit) drunk afterwards so that’s when it took place, and thanks again to Hamish for making the video and putting it up the next day.”

Harvey told The Tab how a few of them have even been recognised in the street since the video came out.

But these boys were not the only ones to film the dance in suit and tie. JOHN SNOW students filmed their Harlem Shake in formal itself!

And COLLINGWOOD got in there too, as the colleges battle it out for the weirdest and craziest version of the dance.

HATFIELD boys filmed theirs in their living room, complete with cardboard boxes, a horse mask and even a bike!

But it’s not only colleges who are getting shaky. DURFC managed to find some time amongst interviews and training to film the Harlem Shake in the changing rooms.

And apparently this is only just the beginning. Rumour has it there are plans for a giant uni Harlem Shake flash mob outside the cathedral on Saturday – take a look!

So which film wins? Vote for your favourite Harlem Shake dance now!