Klute smashed up

Klute manager “appalled” after mirrors smashed, lights punched and drinks stolen in estimated £20,000 worth of annual damage.


Klute’s manager has revealed an “appalling” £20,000 worth of damage at the club, including smashed mirrors, punched lights and stolen drinks.

Student-friendly manager Andy has described the “horrendous” and “hurtful” nightly vandalism that has escalated over the last two terms.

Andy describes the damages as “dangerous and distasteful”, pleading, “It’s a student institution, so treat it like that”.

He reports:

  • Smashed mirrors, sinks, toilet roll holders, DJ booth, disco lights, poster frames, fire doors
  • Students swinging from rafters
  • Ripped and exposed live wires
  • Punched windows
  • Theft from VIP bar

    Klute tweeted about the damage

Manager Andy told The Tab how he is “fed up” of spending his days repairing and replacing parts of the venue after the nightly vandalism described. 

After being forced to spend over £20,000 fixing damage last year, Klute have now spent a further £5,000 on CCTV, installing 16 infrared cameras to catch the vandals.

“We caught someone on camera last night,” said Andy, “He was given a warning, but from now on we’re calling the police.

“Stealing from the bar is no different from stealing from a shop.

“We can’t sustain the business unless this stops. This destructive behaviour causes a false economy in which all the profit we could re-invest is spent on repairs.

“Klute, like many other publican businesses, is fighting for survival in an already tough economy.”

Andy, well known amongst the student population, gives out a lot of rewards and spends thousands of pounds on student sponsorship each year. He describes the vandalism as “A slap in the face.

“It’s the same students I’m sponsoring who are smashing this place up at night.”

After giving one society a free VIP table for the night, the manager’s act of kindness was repaid by students ripping a £300 speaker off the wall and smashing lights.

The magnetically locked fire doors are also being broken by people trying to get themselves out or get their friends in. The bar on the fire door costs £300 to replace each time.

Andy went on to describe how the staging used for S Club 7’s performance was kicked down by students in an act of deliberate vandalism.

“This time they’ve crossed the line.

“Most of the students I meet are so sweet, honest and lovely, but whoever is doing this needs some respect.”

Klute was reputed for being ‘the worst nightclub in Europe’ before its refurbishment in January last year. Andy says the £60,000 was really just spent on repairs, painting and “bringing the venue up to an acceptable standard.”

Since then the venue has been re-painted several times to get rid of graffiti.

With upgraded radios, CCTV and extra vigilant door staff, Klute hopes that students will finally begin to show more respect for Durham’s most legendary club.