Countdown to Victoria Secret

Ella Gould looks into how the Victoria Secret Angels get their super human physiques.

Victoria Secret

One event in America caught the attention of thousands of men and women around the globe last month. Of course, I am not talking about Obama’s re-election, but the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Extravaganza, which both sexes await with baited breath each Autumn. Those of us not fortunate or famous enough to have attended only have to wait a few more hours to watch the show in its entirety. An influx of pictures have inundated the web over the past month, enough to temporarily satisfy our curiosity, desire and body envy.

This year, 35 bombshells including three Brits took to the runway alongside Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Svelte physiques and honed abs strutted down the runway to their tunes in a blur of feathers, crystals and glitter – turning the catwalk into a veritable panty party. Alessandra Ambrosio’s perfect bosom was even encased in a stonking 2.5 million dollars worth of diamonds, rubies and other rare stones. I have since been informed by some male friends, that all VS angels are amongst the highest scorers on the male ‘babe scale’. So I suppose it is only right then, that such valuable assets be supported by precious gems, even more so given that they have breast-fed two kiddies. (Sorry did I just ruin the fantasy a little bit there?)

That is the point after all, as Nicolas Kirkwood (who designed the shoes for this year’s show) pointed out, “It’s so popular because it’s a fantasy”. Who would have guessed that Lily, Doutzen, Miranda and Adriana (who was VS catwalk ready just 8 weeks after having her second child) are all mummies!

With pictures of workouts and diet tips flooding the angels’ twitter accounts and the Daily Wail in the run up to the show, a girl can’t help but wonder, just what does it take to get your body looking THAT good? Although there is no denying that they swam in the most fortunate of gene pools and that alcohol, bread and dairy are totally forbidden, here are some of the models’ exercise and diet routines:

Lily Aldridge
Exercise: swimming, pilates, aqua running

Doutzen Kroes
Exercise: skipping, yoga and boxing four times a week
Diet: she loves cocoa, chia seed, acai berry and flaxseed smoothies

Alessandra Ambrosio
Exercise: pilates, yoga and a special ‘Brazil Butt Lift’ class divised by her trainer


Exercise: boxing and pilates –  Diet: says she indulges in food like pizza and pasta whenever she wants!

Exercise: ballet and she is always on the move

Exercise: running, pilates, yoga, weights and resistance training

Diet: fresh pressed green juice with kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lemon before breakfast, followed by a smoothie and eggs or oatmeal. She also follows the Dr. Peter D’Adamo Blood Type Diet as best she can. It’s an eating and living guideline that understands you as a biochemical individual

Exercise: boxing, skipping, weight training (twice a day during the three months running up to the show)
Diet: lots of protein shakes and vitamins for energy, a gallon of water a day. Solids are cut out 12 days before the show (water and protein shake only) and nothing passes her lips in the 12 hours before the catwalk.

Looks like its off to pilates then…. They may look great and Mother Nature has no doubt been extremely kind, but these girls work hard and looking after their bodies really is a full time job. I certainly do not have the will power to kick the Cadburys and solid food for that matter for good! Whether you have an underwear walk of your own coming up or just want feel good before the Christmas binge, if seeing them wasn’t thinspiration enough, here is another site bound to instigate a bit more of that body envy we all have.