Aidan’s Through after ‘Leven’ it late in Floodlit 1st Round Classic

Charlie Richardson reports on a floodlit first-rounder that will go down in the annals of history

After the disappointment of last year, both St. Aidan’s and St. John’s were looking to kick-start their Floodlit career and catapult into the top-tier of college rugby. With both teams claiming to be the underdog, this was always going down to the wire, and it did.

Aidan’s started the better but threw a needless interception to go behind early in the first half. They did come back strongly and nab a try of their own courtesy of Number 8, Edwin Simmons. Aidan’s asserted their dominance again in the second half with Jamie ‘Biceps’ Leven kicking two penalties and converting Aidan’s second try. At 17-7 down John’s fought back tremendously, to their credit, and managed to claw it back slightly, to 20-14.

Cue Aidan’s self-destruct.

Two players sin-binned in the final ten minutes, with a late try and conversion to put John’s ahead, all but ended Aidan’s hopes of progressing to the Quarter-Finals. At least that’s what all but the 13 Aidanites on the field believed. Back up the field they went, all on their last legs, and they managed to win a penalty in the last play.

Step up ‘Biceps’, he gives them a quick kiss, prays to Terry Crews, and slots the winning penalty from 35 metres out and sends the Aidan’s faithful into raptures, with some of the most camp jumping and shouting ever seen from a rugby club.

All credit to John’s and in particular their inside centre who put in a massive performance. Aidan’s look ahead to their Quarter-Final against one of two giants of college rugby; Collingwood and Stephenson.

Post Match Interviews:

Resident theatrical Welshman, Rhys Williams:

‘it was the most remarkable game of rugby since Carmarthen RFC took on the great Neath side of ’82, and that was a thriller…’

Aidan’s Fresher Girl, Anne Onymous:

‘I feel spent! I’d do unspeakable things to each of the starting XV after that! Never seen anything like it!’

Aidan’s Hero, Jamie ‘Biceps’ Leven:

‘What did I think about when I was taking the kick? How much action I was going to get as a result of it. It’s the same motivation I use in the gym and it never fails me.’

Durham Tab Awards:

Man of the Match: Jamie ‘Biceps’ Leven – Balls (and abs) of Steel.

Moment of the Match: The winning kick if you’re from Aidan’s. About 30 seconds before the final whistle if you’re from John’s.

Dick of the Day: Tom Callaghan – Some of the worst mouthing-off and chat that any rugby club has ever seen, anywhere. Ever. What an embarrassment.

Relive the magical last minute penalty below