Your Secrets Are Out

New Facebook sensation ‘Durham Unay Confessions’ has taken off, with over 1,700 likes in just a week. Could this be the new ‘Overheard in Durham’?

Facebook sensation ‘Durham Unay Confessions’ has taken off, with over 1,700 likes in just a week. Could this be the new ‘Overheard in Durham’?

Since it’s launch on 9th October, the page has received nearly 2000 likes and every day more and more daring students are professing their deepest and darkest deeds to the world.

The page urges students to reveal their ‘most disgusting, hilarious, embarrassing confessions from Durham’, which are then posted anonymously onto the page.

Here are a few of our favourites so far…

“Just before my housemate submitted their history essay on the Nazis, I replaced the words ‘terrible’ and ‘horrifying’ with ‘classic’.”

“I’ve been lying about being in debt to make myself appear more edgy. I’ve never taken a student loan in my life! Father’s bond yields pay for my tuition fees.”

 “After a night of casual debauchery and excessive drinking at Studio we returned to the hole that is Stockton after a fine night of pretending to be from Durham. I got a ring in the morning from a mate that had gone missing that night who casually informed me of his circumstances. He’d woken up in prison. This mate was supposedly picked up by the cops at 5am and taken to the prison to ‘cool off’ but that wasn’t even the least of the story. According to a policemen kind enough to share details when we went to collect said friend, our friend had been found on some poor man’s roof, singing loudly in French. Naked. Who says stockton campus has no class?” 

So what skeletons are in your closet? Don’t be shy…keep the confessions coming!

Visit the Facebook page to hear more stories from Durham’s most mischievous.