We’ll pick up The Tab

Want to win a free night out this Sunday at CCTV, where the Tab is on us?

Want to win a free night out this Sunday at CCTV, where the Tab is on us?

To celebrate a successful start to the new uni year, both on the dance floor and in the bedroom, the Tab Durham is looking for the worst piece of pillow talk heard during Freshers’ Week.

We all know that Durham students can come out with some notoriously bad chat on socials, in college bars and whilst chatting up girls in Loveshack. But what actually goes on behind closed doors, when the clothes are off and the inhibitions are down?

All you need to do to be in with chance of winning this incredible prize is send your bad pillow talk to the Tab Durham. The most cringe-worthy piece of pillow talk we receive will win our competition prize of a table at Loveshack this Sunday with CCTV, along with two bottles of vodka on the night.

Your entry can be anything, from that intimate post-sex secret that you just didn’t need to know, to an outrageous declaration of love after a one night stand. We don’t care, as long as it was said between the sheets.

Entries can be sent to the Durham Tab via:

Tweeting: @thetabdurham

Facebook: private message our Facebook page:


Email: [email protected]

The competition winner will be announced on the Durham Tab website this Saturday, along with some of the best, worst entries.

So good luck, and get in contact for your chance to win!

For info on the night go to: