Top Ten Tips For Auditions

With auditions in full swing, The Tab asked DST’s President, Sam Kingston-Jones, for his top tips to succeed in the auditioning process…

  1. Be yourself, no matter what you do. Don’t go in with a preconception of what your acting might be; natural acting is refreshing.
  2. Follow directions, as ultimately the director wants actors he can easily direct.
  3. Don’t get put off by people taking notes.
  4. Be concise; directors and producers will often have lots of people to audition.
  5. Only prepare a song when asked to [Yes, it does happen].
  6. Try not to tell too many jokes.
  7. Be friendly.
  8. If you know the people auditioning you, then acknowledge that and just be professional about it. Don’t try and use your acquaintance to get you any further.
  9. Remember that the audition panel are students, just like you.
  10.  Play it safe in every aspect of the audition apart from your performance – this is the part that you should really go for it.

Sam’s most embarrassing audition moment:

It was for a production of Much Ado About Nothing. When I first read the lines, they said my performance made the character, a peasant, look too important. For some reason, when I re-read the lines I started speaking in a Yorkshire accent! I had similar issue in my La Cage Aux Folles audition, when I thought an American accent would suit the character – unfortunately, it really didn’t.