Farmers ploughed by Collingwood A

Collingwood A sow the seeds for a strong season with an impressive victory over Newcastle Agricultural Rugby Club.

Collingwood Rugby Club won a hard fought pre-season game over Newcastle Agricultural Rugby Club on Friday.

After a disappointing end to last season, much work has gone into making up for lost time over the summer. It seemed to pay dividends in the opening twenty minutes, as aggressive ‘D’ and sharp running lines resulted in debutant second year, James Bambridge, weaving through three hapless Newcastle Agrics to open the scoring. Part-time model, Bambridge, has appeared fashionably late to the college rugby scene, but is making a name for himself after an impressive pre-season.

Collingwood continued to dominate proceedings but were guilty of conceding unnecessary penalties, which Newcastle duly slotted over to make the scores level after half time.

Several freshers had been recruited the previous night at a college bop, and even after a heavy week on the lash, they all made positive contributions, none more so than scrum half Tom ‘Schweff’. Arriving in garb that James Bambridge would have been more accustomed to seeing on the catwalk, the young scrum half dived over from five metres out to give Collingwood breathing space.

It was a feisty game with big hits flying in on both sides, most notably in the form of Luke Stockton, Dec Lamyman and captain James Currie. Luke Stockton commented after the game, saying “making big hits is just part of the job description. Doctors have to save lives, Engineers have to fix cars and Luke Stockton’s of this world have to put in big hits. No doubt we’ll share a beer or ten with them after the game, but on the pitch, you run at me at your peril.”

Collingwood closed the game out to win 19-17 which flattered the Newcastle Agrics. It was a good run out for Collingwood who have real aspirations of winning silverware this season.