The Tab learns of some shifty behaviour behind the bike sheds at Van Mildert

It has come to the attention of the Tab that a group of rogue Van Mildertians have, under the cover of dusk, been sneaking on to the Mount Oswald Golf Course through the back of their college.

With only a thin line of trees separating the college from the course, and a limited number of course rangers on patrol, students with a penchant for ‘teeing it high and letting it fly’ have had little difficulty in performing a smash and grab on the back nine without paying their green fees.

The boundary between Mildert and Mount Oswald

One such bandit, who wishes to remain anonymous, identified the 17th hole as a favourite amongst the desperados. The tee of the short 273yd Par 4 backs on to the boundary with Mildert, which runs between Millhill Lane and South Road. This makes accessing the hole easy, whilst its green is surrounded by trees on three sides that provide privacy from the authorities.

The testing 17th…

The Course Manager at Mount Oswald is aware of the problem and is taking steps to improve security measures, but there has been a notable decrease in cases of Mildertians ‘trying before they buy’ since the College issued an official warning to students.

The Tab has been assured by a reformed bandit that this was only ever done “occasionally” and that all Mildertians now pay before they play, having turned away from a life outside the law. The investigation continues…