The One’s Post-Exam Playlist

The One Music talks you through some music to help you forget your exams

music playlist post-exam

Having battled through the Tartarus of exam season, the One has put together a River Lethe of a post-exam playlist for you. Here’s hoping these tunes keep the fear of a Desmond 2:2 from the door.

‘Pop Culture’ – Madeon

This frenetic, hybrid of a track comes from 17 year old Madeon, and sounds like he is trying to compress the last 12 years of pop culture into one track. His maximalist style mixes songs from Justice to Britney Spears, splicing in snippets all over the shop which is simultaneously confusing and mind-blowing. The fact that he’s doing it live is even more impressive. One to listen to loud.

‘Up In Your Mix’ – Two Inch Punch

Two Inch Punch’s self-branded ‘lovestep’ sounds on the surface about as cringe as you can get, but if you stick on their EP, ‘Love You Up’, you will find that their woozy, sample based electronica is much more sophisticated than their shitty pun would suggest. Fans of Jamie xx, Gold Panda et al will enjoy the skittering percussion, shimmering synths and distorted sampling.

‘Jumanji’ – Azealia Banks

It couldn’t really be a post-exam mix without this track. Produced by Hudson Mohawk, it features Azealia’s flawless vocals over an unashamed party beat. Synths fly around the mix, steel drums make appearances and Banks is as expletive and yet charming as ever. She’s coming to Newcastle in Michaelmas Term which looks set to be decent show.

‘Layer Cake’ – Fritz Kalkbrenner

For something a bit more relaxed here is a lovely housey track from Fritz Kalkbrenner. He eschews vocals for gorgeous synth lines that swirl around driving house beat. This Gui Boratto-esque languid house music is great afternoon music.

‘Bye’ – J Dilla

The One will leave you with this J Dilla track from his 2006 album ‘Donuts.’ What sounds like an old soul sample is manipulated and put in the centre of the track, backed by a lazy hip hop beat and a lovely piano progression. The only shame is that it only clocks in at 1.30, but if you like it, ‘Donuts’ has 31 songs…Crack on.