Durham’s Naughtiest Fantasies: Uncovered

Catch a glimpse into the naked lives of the ladies and gentlemen who dared to answer my one revealing question: “What is your deepest and naughtiest sexual fantasy?”

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Britain often gets dismissed as a nation of prudes; uptight and inhibited when it comes to goings on in the bedroom. ‘No adventures of the flesh for us, gosh no! Missionary only, with the lights off please, we’re British!’


But is this frigid stereotype really true of modern-day society? I suspected not, so decided to delve in at the deep end and investigate a topic on the supposed fringes of taboo: sex. I wanted to find out if we really are such a land of prudes.


And so I asked again and again one question to my friends from Durham, and was met with many more enthusiastic responses than shocked refusals.


Dear readers, prepare to catch a glimpse into the naked lives of the ladies and gentlemen who dared to answer my one revealing question: “What is your deepest and naughtiest sexual fantasy?”


Blimey, I have some liberated friends! To be fair, some of them have relatively (but I use the term somewhat liberally) straight-laced desires:


• Male, 19: Nurse in white stockings, tight leather with hat… Comes in to give me a special treatment.


• Male, 19: A sexy girl lying in my bed without any clothes on…!


• Female, 20: My biggest sexual fantasy would probably be to get frisky fully-clothed in a lift. I think it’s just the urgency and the fact that anyone could press the button. Would need to be a tall building though!


• Female, 19: I have a massive fetish for men in uniform. Soldiers, policemen, jailors – I just love the authority of the role and love feeling so dominated by such a powerful man! When I act out these role-plays with my boyfriend I get so aroused and always have a great time!


• Male, 20: The best thing I can do to a woman I love – oral sex. It’s the best!


• Female, 20: Lesbian sex. Any takers?


• Female, 20: It sounds lame but just to be loved and wanted.


• Female, 18: My biggest fantasy would be falling asleep with a horny guy and letting him do whatever he wants to me. There’s something thrilling about being in that state of complete vulnerability and totally at his mercy!!


• Male, 20: To have sex in a shower with soap all over our bodies and cleaning each other.


Some of my friends think the term ‘three’s a crowd’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing:


• Female, 19: My biggest sexual fantasy would be sex with my boyfriend, but also with another male! Or just sex in a wood.


• Female, 20: Well I’ve fulfilled one fantasy of a threesome, I would definitely do that again! Maybe try things with a lady?


• Female, 20: My biggest sexual fantasy is a bit of a game! Pick out 6 random people from a crowd, assign them numbers 1-6, roll a dice, and I have to spend the night with whoever’s number matches the number rolled on the dice!!


• Female, 20: I fantasise that my long-distance boyfriend would secretly arrange for another man to “take care of me” while he’s away.


• Male, 21: Sleeping with a dozen girls all over me 😉


Others with whom I have the ‘honour’ of friendship are real exhibitionists:


• Male, 22: One of my highest fantasies is to have sex on a theatre stage under spotlights (audience or no audience) with mics playing our moans out loud.


• Male, 19: Having sex under a waterfall.


A couple of male acquaintances have a rather high opinion of themselves:


• Male, 25: My biggest sexual fantasy is myself. I’m not even kidding. I love being naked and looking at my body structure in the mirror. My butt is to die for.


• Male, 21: I have so many sexual fantasies, but I guess having sex with a celebrity in a fancy hotel room with her hands tied behind her back is my favourite!


As for the rest of them? I’m not really sure why I’m friends with these people:


• Male, 19: Being watched!


• Male, 22: Having sex in a supermarket toilet on the sink, with people watching, as I make a special lady scream with pleasure


• Female, 20: Surprise angry sex (not rape) with someone you know, but not very well and with someone older who you’re not really meant to! The guy has to have a slightly dangerous feel to him too


• Female, 21: Having sex in public at a packed nightclub while waiting in the queue for a drink!


Next time I’ll be documenting the less fortunate bedroom experiences of Durham students

Do you have any fantasies worth sharing? Comment below…