Hill vs. Bailey Rugby Report

A first hand account of the heated Hill vs. Bailey charity rugby event.

Hill Bailey Report

Men’s Final Score
Hill – 29
Bailey – 19
Man of the match award: Sam Coles (Above)

Women’s Final Score
Hill – 33
Bailey – 7
Women of the match award: Anna Derrick (Above)

The library is packed, even freshers are starting to get a little nervous but at least the students of Durham had something to distract them last week, the annual Hill vs. Bailey charity rugby event. In the build-up to the match all eyes were on the sky with a forecast of poor weather threatening the fundraising capabilities of the event.


However, having narrowly avoided rain, conditions at Durham City RFC were perfect and after some technical issues preventing touch judge audio equipment, the ladies game got off without a hitch.

As always a fine show was had from the women’s game, a few big “OOHHSSS” as upright runner connected sharply with upright tackler, everyone waiting with bated breath for the holy grail of a big women’s rugby dump tackle/ rib breaker, not seen since that of Lil “The Crusher” Knite’s arm breaking hit of last year.


Alternatively, if you are still craving some women’s college on college violence check out this little gem from a Grey vs. Collingwood game this year, the eight or so replays of the hit definitely make up for the tackler’s rucking faux pas:


Exact details of the scores are uncertain but the final total speaks for itself, convincing win for the hill with congratulations to Meg Ellery on multiple scores and Kim Le-Geyt for the Baileys consolation score. Also, apologies for any inconsistencies with the chain of events and scores described in the men’s game, didn’t fancy cold hands from taking notes (this isn’t the Palatinate).

The men’s game was more of an even contest although the first half was a true Hill dominated affair with the Bailey barely getting a touch of the ball within the first 15 minutes, a spell broken by an excellent kick-off return from Henry Close.


The Cuth’s players especially were delighted to see their favourite touch judge had stepped up to the plate for the big game following his superb job in the Floodlit Final the previous week. From the Hill James Corbett, Bruce Fulton, Charlie Corbett and Matt Stevens were successful in securing tries and some excellent kicking from the Hill gave a commanding lead going into the second half.

A fresh set of legs after half time saw the Bailey have the making of a glorious comeback with Thorneycroft, Grant and Coles getting tries and two successful conversions putting them within striking distance yet unfortunately it was not to be.


However, credit should go to both Henry Close and Dan Jarrett from the Bailey who ended the game thoroughly battered and ever so slightly bloody after an excellent display of rugby. Indeed, there were more than a few puzzled faces at the decision to bring Close off following a huge pack drive which had seen the Bailey camped on the Hill 5 metre, yet, hindsight is 20-20.

From the efforts of the organisers approximately £12,000 was raised for several charities and the night of celebrations which followed reflected the spirit of college rugby perfectly. Although the turnout was not as strong as in recent years, the continued improvement in both quality and student involvement in the sport is true testament to the efforts of those both in charge and taking part.