Preview – Cloud Nine

David Knowles interviews Justin Murray, Director of this weeks Assembly Rooms Show ‘Cloud Nine’

Assembly Rooms Cloud Nine Hill Theatre Company

So Justin, what's Cloud Nine all about?

It begins with a British family living in colonial Africa, who on the face of it live their lives in total obedience to the strict status quo of the time, but in reality they are all having sex with people they shouldn’t really be having sex with.

What made you want to direct it?

The script’s utterly outrageous in very unexpected ways, which makes it a lot of fun. It's personally very attractive because as a play, it also goes completely against the way I was brought up.

You say the show will be 'the most outrageous thing' we will see in Durham this year. That's quite a claim isn't it?

A justifiable one I hope! (Though you’ll have to come and see it to find out…) Without giving too many of Cloud Nine’s secrets away, it is the sort of play where “if you were shot with poisoned arrows, I’d fuck your dead body and poison myself” counts as a romantic compliment. Expect lots of language, sex, and violence.

So there are many compelling reasons Durham students should abandon their revision to see the show?

Definitely. Quite apart from being very funny and entertaining, it’s a chance to watch some seriously talented actors put on an amusing yet profound play which they’ve put everything into. It’ll make a good evening out in the African sunshine before facing the long dark of exams.


Venue: The Assembly Rooms Theatre
Performances: Thursday 26th-28th April: 7.30pm
Tickets: £5.50/£5 (Student)/£4.50 (DST)