How To Put The ‘Pro’ In Procrastination

The perfect way to avoid doing any real work.

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Procrastination. It's on everyone's mind at this time of year. If you’re anything like me (which I hope for your sakes you’re not!), you’ll sit down at your laptop with the best of intentions, prepared to finish your essay/do your sums/whatever the heck it is you do, but instead you find yourself logging into Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn to find out what’s going on in the world outside the four walls of your house.


All of a sudden you’ve developed an obsession with the news, spending hours of the day on the BBC/Sky News or dare I suggest it, Daily Mail, websites, catching up on world events (or in the Daily Mail’s case, celebrity gossip).


Everything and anything becomes more interesting than actually facing up to the amount of work you’ve got. Whether it’s suddenly developing a love of exercise, becoming a social butterfly or simply talking to your dog, it’s got to be better than essays and revision.

Most of us spend our days sitting in front of our laptops, so here’s a few websites for you to help your procrastination really flourish. Facebook’s for the minors, with our help you’ll be a pro in no time.
Perfect for any student with a creative flair, you can choose between two different scenarios for your stickman to face and watch as he comes to life. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but basically your new friend needs help (in the form of drawing) to get through life and that’s where you come in. WARNING: it’s obsessive.
Now you can spend hours reading about people who’s lives are as dull as yours. Some of the stories are absolutely hilarious, some of them are completely ridiculous, but either way, it’s a great time waster and tends to put life in perspective…your life could be worse, you could be this guy:
“Today, I was looking through my Internet browsing history. Apparently my wife had searched "How to have an affair without getting caught". FML”

There’s nothing more fun then laughing at other people’s stupidity. Let’s be honest, it’s happened to the best of us but reading about other people’s makes you immediately feel better about yourself. That’s where comes in. Fall off your chair funny, it’s hard to pull yourself away. WARNING: probably don’t visit this site if you’re a prude, you’ll definitely be offended.
Essentially informs you about stuff that you couldn’t really give a crap about but they’re guaranteed to make you laugh anyway. Perfect for procrastination. For example on today’s visit I learned that pictures of cats and dogs really are funny and that out of the 21 worst things in the world, I agree with all of them. Makes me feel better about life.
There’s something about a website that tells you upfront that it’s going to essentially be a massive waste of your time. No hiding behind its name, pretending to be a news site, just pure, honest procrastination. It’s got everything you could really ask for in a procrastination website: pictures of hairy celebrities, obese Disney princesses and of course the much loved animal humour.

Not only does it give you educational life advice, it also makes you laugh. What more could you want? Basically, like many great procrastination sites, it is a composition of photos, cartoons and caricatures but they’re just really funny.

They cover all occasions and are bloody hilarious. You can even make your own. Win. It also provides links to other internet sites, such as which is home to such articles as ‘More of the most awkwardly public breakups in Facebook history’ and ‘More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children.’

A mixture of lovely photographs, encouraging messages, proverbs, advice and other heartwarming bits and bobs. An enjoyable way to spend a day or 7, trawling through the pages, smiling to yourself and believing that you really can be the change you want to see in the world. And it makes you laugh.. Win.

So there you are, a few simple ways to waste your time.

Happy Procrastinating! You’re welcome.