Police Treating Bomb Scare ‘As A Hoax’

Durham Constabulary attempt to calm fears

bomb castle durham

A bomb scare that caused both the DSU and Castle to be evacuated is now being treated as a hoax by the Durham Constabulary.

The police revealed to The One that 'we were contacted by the university regarding a possible bomb threat'.

'The buildings were searched but nothing was found and it is now being treated as a hoax'.


A University spokesperson said that 'security teams immediately initiated an evacuation of the two buildings and the surrounding area'.


'The Oriental Museum was temporarily closed on the advice of police'.

Students were miffed as they were told that they were not allowed to enter the two buildings.


Senior Man Elect of Castle Jenny Dell observed that ' All the students were evacuated onto Palace Green, before being told there was a bomb scare'.


Students were in outrage, particularly some Economics students who had a deadline at 3 o clock'.

Despite the probable hoax, members of University College were told by Bursar Michelle Crawford that due to a 'security alert… dinner tonight for all students in University College will therefore be provided in Hatfield College at the normal time'.


The DSU were unavailable to comment.


It comes on the same day as two halls at Bristol University suffered bomb scares of their own. Both Wills and Durdham Halls have been evacuated with nobody allowed in. 


Lynne Robinson, Deputy Registrar at the Uni, said that contact had been made detailing that 'an explosive device' had been placed in the two halls of residence.


It has also been confirmed by Avon and Somerset Police that these incidents are also being treated as hoaxes.


However, whether the incidents at the two universities are related remains unclear.