DURFC 2s Teammates

Tom Blackburn and Bennett Johnson stick it to their 2s teammates before finals day

bandage bennett johnson blackburn

Name: Bennett Johnson
Year: 2nd
College: Hild Bede
Position: Lock (when uninjured)

Best Trainer – T. Spencer – Leading by example. An inspiration to all of us with his dedication.

Worst Trainer – J. Kelleher – Saturday morning hungover gym shapes

Most skilful – N. Lytollis – Weaving his way through defences like a green mamba in the jungle.

Best Bant – Don't want to give this to him, but Dudgeon can be pretty funny at times. (I'm up there)

Strongest – Blackers. That man is a machine when it comes to pumping iron.

Fastest – Fred Bowles no doubt would win in a 100m sprint.

Brightest – David wood

Dimmest – Chris Hughes

Worst Lid – Chris Hughes.

Worst Dress sense – Chris Hughes – You get the picture

Worst Dancer – Liam Gwyne thinks he has extraordinary shapes. Very much mistaken . . .

And: Who has the biggest tackle? – Stout.


Name:Thomas Blackburn
College:St Mary's

Who is:

Best Trainer? – Bennet Johnson, so dull. Americans.

Worst Trainer? – Chris Hughes, so lazy!

Most Skilful? – Jamie Thornton (prop!)

Best Bant? – Tom Spencer, this is such an enormous sausage!

Strongest? – Ben Waistell, inbred from Exmouth.

Fastest? – James Lo, when he catches it is electric.

Brightest? – James Lo again. 5 A's at A-Level, that is strong!

Dimmest? – Chris Hughes, Durhams worst masters student?

Worst Lid? – Chris Hughes, De la Pweb.

Worst Dress Sense? – Liam Gywnne, outdated gears, but not the cool sort.

Worst Dancer? – Bobby Beaumont. He just grinds.


And: Who has the biggest tackle? – Josh Payne and Joe Kelleher